Oriental Room

The Oriental Room

This room is the only room on the second floor to have a parquet wood floor and the only tile fireplace in the entire house.  The red tile is thought to be “Chinese Red” tile from the late 1800’s. We believe that this room originally served as Martha Drum Winslow’s private parlor where she entertained close, personal friends away from the public rooms downstairs.  

Its location at the top of the stairs made it convenient for guests while still preserving the family’s privacy. We believe that Martha Winslow, who was socially prominent and very fashion-conscious, redecorated this room about 1890 to reflect the then-current trend of things Oriental, or “Japanned” (which covered all things Oriental indiscriminately). The Chinese porcelain ladies came from the Biltmore Estate.    

The private, en suite bathroom features an unusual four-foot claw-foot bathtub and a hand-painted blue porcelain sink from China.