Anniversary Package

Basic Package (Price per couple)

  • package of paper napkins
  • bottle of wine from a local winery
  • two wine glasses
  • cork screw and bottle stopper
  • two Punxsutawney coasters
  • two plastic top hats
  • one medium-sized groundhog cookie cutter
  • postcards
  • one dozen roses (select color)
Price varies based on seasonal cost of roses.

Deluxe Package (Price per couple)

  • Includes basic package PLUS:
  • two T-shirts
  • notepad
  • Punxsy Phil pencil
  • six “Fantastic Phil” postcards
  • small and large groundhog cookie cutters
  • groundhog soap
Price may vary based on T-shirt size

Souvenir Package

Basic Package (Price per person)

  • T-shirt
  • one medium groundhog cookie cutter
  • six “Fantastic Phil” postcards
  • cork screw
  • bottle stopper
Price varies based on size of T-shirt

Deluxe Package (Price per person)

  • Includes basic package PLUS:
  • plastic top hat or “toboggan” style “face” hat
  • Groundhog Day or “Fantastic Phils” poster
  • Punxsy Phil pencil
  • Punxsy Phil magnet
  • Punxsy Phil stamper
Price may vary based on hat style selected and hat size

Birthday Package

Basic Package

  • package of paper napkins
  • groundhog birthday cake
  • groundhog stamper
  • plastic top hat
  • Punxsy Phil magnet
Price varies based on number of people and size of cake.  Plates and silverware provided by Winslow House.

Deluxe Package

  • Includes Basic Package PLUS: Ice cream
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